Hi Classmates of 1966,

Well the BIG event is now over.  It was an exciting three day.  We had 170 classmates on Friday at the Wilma, 150 classmates on Saturday at the Florence Hotel, and 50 classmates that survived and made it to the Sunday Farewell Breakfast.  All venue were nostalgic because the places were around when we attended our school. We had a Missoula Nostalgic Contest on Friday.  Bob Charles won with 13 out 20 questions.  These were question that you could not google. You just had to be around. The questions are on the Hello Classmate page.  On Saturday, we had the keynote speakers from our class; Pete Lawrenson and Kathy Caras.  They were enjoyable talks.  

Pictures were take of our entire class up on the stage of the Wilma.  Individual grade schools pictures were take up on the mezzanine.  Those picture are available still for purchase. Email Carmen Entzel ( clentzel@bresnan.net).  $20.00 per picture.